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Just wanted to say thank you. Growing up in Wisconsin my memories were always of my father making Rosettes at Christmas time. Wanting to continue that tradition for my sons so I looked long and hard for good Rosette irons. I was excited to see that to get good ones, I returned to Wisconsin for the best ones. I look forward to many more purchases with you.
Cury, AZ
I am Scandanavian and have been having lefse my whole life. I tried your recipe which also had a video to watch. I can tell you I have never had better lefse!!! Thank you so much. Both my parents passed away in the last 3 years and to have this extra great lefse means so much to me. Thank you for the help. I gave both of my mothers sisters a batch today and feel really good inside.
Theresa, OR
I ordered your lefse for our traditional family gathering last Christmas and it was sensational! Thank You!!!
John, Wooster, OH
Yesterday we had our first family lefse making day thanks to you! Our double batch of lefse sheets turned out excellent we’re sure because we followed your ‘Making Lefse in 8 Easy Steps‘! My son and daughter bought the Lefse Time lefse making kit for me in November. It came with a beautifual handwritten note and I was impressed. I grew up on lefse and had also heard how difficult it was to make. Your book gave me the courage to try. We followed your steps and hints and found the dough just right to handle. We kneaded our pattie scoops to assure smooth edges – great advice from you. You have led 3 generations (myself, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter) to the world of lefse making. We will not wait until next Christmas to make more – we had so much fun! Thank you from all of us.
We just want to tell you what fun we had making lefse in Seattle at Christmas. My, it was good! Three generations (proceeded by others). We have the original set from Minnesota which we use on the East Coast and new we have the new set of baking equipement from Lefse Time on the West Coast! All of our five grandchildren love to make lefse and eat it! Thank you!
Jan & Tom, Spartanburg, SC
I just want you to know that you have the best prices on parts, and supplies. This is the second time I have ordered form lefsetime. My order is really for the Sons Of Norway Lodge in Vancouver WA. The lodge usually does 40 to 60 lbs of potates for Lefse once a month. This is a good time of fellowship and we sell out at our 1st Sunday of the month brunch.Thanks for Keeping your prices affordable.
Chris M
We received your lefse today. It is absolutely spectacular! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Patricia H
You have great tips for lefse success! My plan is to prepare the potatoes and then the others can come over to roll out a few lefses.
Thanks so much for all the info you have available!!!
Thank you for the prompt service and arrival. We are very pleased. Very well done.
Carolyn P
Awesome site! You will surely be a resource for all of our future “lefse-making” needs. Thank you!!
Mike, Hinsdale, MT
We received our lefse today and of course we had to eat some right away. It was delicious. It really is the best lefse.
Diane E, MN
I ordered Lefsa rounds last week and had them delivered using my fedex number. They were perfect!
Kristin, Traverse City, MI
I ordered a lefse starter kit as a wedding gift for my niece. She absolutely loved it. She said it was her wedding and she “got her heritage in a box”. Thought I’d share that with you. I thought it was a very nice setup too. Thank you.
Lane S, WI
Thank you for the recipe, it was great. Also for the video. The lefse turned out like my Mother use to make. Just love the taste. I made two batches.
Doretta Frey, WA
Just wanted to say thank you. No one in my family has had lefse since my grandmother died 10 years ago. She used to make big batches of it and send it to us every Christmas. My mother so much appreciated the lefse basket I sent her for her birthday and it brought back lots of fond memories we shared. I live 8 hours from my mother, but it was like we were in the same room. Thank you again so much.
Daniel, Atascadero, CA
Thank you :-) We’re spreading the word about your existense to as many Norwegians in the South as possible (through Lutheran churches and the Sons of Norway lodges). We’re looking very forward to purchasing many items from you — lefse irons, krumkake irons, goro irons, aprons, etc…
Randi R
Hello, I ordered some of your lefse for my 94 year old Norwegian father. He loved it!!! And… he was used to my Mother’s who made the best lefse I ever ate. Lefse Time really made some wonderful Lefse and made my Father’s 94th Birthday even better.
Karol Knudtson
I received the lefse on Wednesday and it was very good! Thank you for your product and fine service.
Dale, Columbus, OH
Your lefse was delicious, a big hit with my family!
Diana, Yreka, CA

I just needed to share a little story. I grew up in Minnesota with lots and lots and lots of relatives who made Lefse for holiday dinners, and I’m ashamed to say I took it for granted. A few years ago I moved to Atlanta, and realized that the Lefse market in Atlanta is… non-existent. A couple years ago my sweet husband ordered lefse from Minnesota and gave it to me for Christmas. Then LAST year he gave me a griddle and a turner and a lefse rolling pin. All the things I would need. But I found it daunting. Surly it would be hard!!!! But I decided to give it a go this last weekend. I searched for recipes online and I found that yours seemed the easiest to follow, with great pictures and very much step-by-step directions. Well… other than finding my lesfe turning stick was BROKEN (no worries – went to your site and ordered me a new one!!!) the whole process turned out AWESOME!!!!!!! The first lefse was a mess, but after that I started to figure it out. And voila!!!! I am not the proud owner of 24 pieces of Lefse!!!! yAY!!!!!! Thanks for the help!!!

Beth, GA
You guys have wonderful Lefse, I hope to order more of your delicious Lefse soon.
Just wanted to thank you for your great site…My Grandmother, Anna Sopie, made great lefse. My mother, however, never did – so your site was very helpful in giving me tips! I ended up with delicious lefse and a great tradition to pass on to my kids. Also learned what those mysterious tins I have are for (Sandbakkel). That will be the next recipe I try! Thanks again!
Hi,Received your lefse today. Could hardly wait to try it. I must tell you it is as lefse should be. Definitely brings memories to the forefront of my grandmother’s. Great lefse. Will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for doing it the right way.
Thank you so much for the quick arrival and help.
Patricia T

I just want to tell you how happy I am that I ordered from your company. When looking for lefse griddle parts there were some available on amazon, and then I saw your listing. I opted to order from you because you were independently listed business! Imagine my happiness when I got the order and there was a great Norwegian blessing. I shared it with my colleagues (we too are a small business).
We are also scandivanian midwesterners who have moved West.

Happily, my lefse griddle is repaired and we are just heading off to make lefse.

Thanks and best of luck!!