Helping You Carry on Lefse Traditions!

Lefse Starters Kit

Lefse Time has gathered all the equipment you need to get started on making your own homemade lefse.

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Lefse Rolling Pin Corrugated

Lefse Rolling Pin

The traditional corrugated lefse rolling pin needed to make those authentic markings on your lefse rounds!

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Lefse Stick

Lefse Stick 7/8″

Beautiful lefse turning stick with red painted handle and rosemaling design, like the one Grandma used to use.

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Pastry Board Cloth

Pastry Board & Cloth Set

Lefse pastry board and cloth set, the perfect tool for rolling out nice big sheets of paper thin lefse!

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Lefse Non-Stick Teflon Grill

Bethany Heritage Lefse Grill

This grill makes great lefse but also can make pancakes, grilled sandwiches or fry a burger.

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Lefse Making Kits

What we have done is put together the right lefse tools for starters, tradition makers or filling in the gap for the missing pieces.

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Lefse Making Accessories

Find the right tool for making homemade lefse. From lefse rolling pins to potato peelers.

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