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What we have done is put together the right lefse tools for starters, tradition makers or filling in the gap for the missing pieces.

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Find the right tool for making homemade lefse. From lefse rolling pins to potato peelers.

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Follow our favorite lefse recipe and instructions to make perfect lefse!

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We are so excited that you stopped by and hope that you find what you’re looking for! At Lefse Time we have gathered all things lefse (and many other great Scandinavian specialties). Our goal is to help you keep the lefse tradition alive. I’ve been making lefse my entire life and keep perfecting it year after year. Sharing our knowledge and helping you create a new lefse tradition is so rewarding. It’s heartwarming know that the next generation will be carrying on Grandma’s favorite lefse recipe and an ages-old Norwegian American tradition. Take a look around, we’ve got great lefse recipes, detailed instructions and some FAQs to help in your lefse endeavors. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know so we can help.

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Fresh off the Press!

How to Make Sandbakkels

One of my very favorite Scandinavian cookies is the sandbakkel. I have very fond memories of enjoying sandbakkels on the front porch of our very Norwegian family friends. Mom would give everyone haircuts and catch up on the goings on at the farm, while I would nibble on cookies and play. Sweet old Hazel shared her treasured recipe with my mom and that's the only one we've ever used. Why mess with perfection?     Whooops! Did I say perfection? Well [...]

Lefse Survey Results

Well folks, the results are in! We had well over 1200 respondents and it appears my family tradition is not the norm. 🙂 We always ate lefse with just plain ole butter. We did have loads of comments on the butter and sugar. And that could be a survey by itself too. Butter and white sugar, butter and brown sugar, or butter and cinnamon sugar. But when it comes right down to it, the best way is however you like [...]

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Thank you for the prompt service and arrival. We are very pleased. Very well done.
Carolyn P
Awesome site! You will surely be a resource for all of our future “lefse-making” needs. Thank you!!
Just wanted to say thank you. Growing up in Wisconsin my memories were always of my father making Rosettes at Christmas time. Wanting to continue that tradition for my sons so I looked long and hard for good Rosette irons. I was excited to see that to get good ones, I returned to Wisconsin for the best ones. I look forward to many more purchases with you.
Cury, AZ

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