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The Lefse Lady

gwen-katulaI don’t know how it happened, it just did. I’m walking my dog and its ‘Hey, you’re the lefse lady!’ I’m on the phone with a customer and its “Hey, it’s you, the lefse lady in the video!” My husband is out and he gets it too. “Hey, your wife is the lefse lady!” I love it, I embrace it, I live it! I love lefse! So just call me Lefse Lady or Gwen, that works too.

Lefse Making Kits

Our lefse making kits continue to be our best sellers. What we have done is put together the right lefse tools for starters, tradition makers or filling in the gap for the missing pieces. What makes our lefse making kits even better is you can customize it. Maybe you would like the non-stick lefse grill rather than the aluminum lefse grill or the square cut rolling pin rather than the corrugated lefse rolling pin. The options are there for you to make your lefse kit just the way you want!

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img_4716We are so excited that you stopped by and hope that you find what you’re looking for! At Lefse Time we have gathered all things lefse (and many other great Scandinavian specialties). Our goal is to help you keep the lefse tradition alive. I’ve been making lefse my entire life and keep perfecting it year after year. Sharing our knowledge and helping you create a new lefse tradition is so rewarding. It’s heartwarming know that the next generation will be carrying on Grandma’s favorite lefse recipe and an ages-old Norwegian American tradition.  Take a look around, we’ve got great lefse recipes, detailed instructions and some FAQs to help in your lefse endeavors. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know so we can help.

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What Our Customers Have to Say…

I just want you to know that you have the best prices on parts, and supplies. This is the second time I have ordered form lefsetime. My order is really for the Sons Of Norway Lodge in Vancouver WA. The lodge usually does 40 to 60 lbs of potates for Lefse once a month. This is a good time of fellowship and we sell out at our 1st Sunday of the month brunch.Thanks for Keeping your prices affordable.
Chris M
Thank you for the prompt service and arrival. We are very pleased. Very well done.
Carolyn P
Awesome site! You will surely be a resource for all of our future “lefse-making” needs. Thank you!!
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