How to Make Lefse Demonstration Video with Lefse Time

Making lefse with the Lefse Lady! Gwen covers tools, tips and techniques for making homemade lefse from scratch.

Tips for Making Lefse Patties

Our lefse patty video is loaded with all sorts of tips! Here we show you how to form a perfect patty of lefse dough and then turn that patty into a beautiful round sheet for cooking.

How to Choose and Use a Lefse Turning Stick

A little information on which stick to use and a demonstration on using the stick to transfer your lefse round from the pastry cloth to the lefse grill.

How to Roll a Lefse Pattie

A quick video showing how to roll out a lefse pattie. The tip here…lift up at the edge of dough before rolling back. It’s hard to see here because Gwen goes a bit fast but this will keep your lefse round from getting to thin at the edge.

Prepping Your Corrugated Rolling Pin for Rolling Lefse

A demonstration on how to prep your corrugated lefse rolling pin. A well prepped rolling pin makes rolling lefse so easy. We show you some great tips to make that job easy.

Prepping Your Pasty Board for Rolling Lefse

Here Gwen demonstrates how to prep your pastry cloth for rolling out lefse. A well prepared pastry cloth will keep your lefse dough from sticking.

Lefse Pastry Cloth Cover

Tips on lefse pastry cloths.

Making Lefse in 8 Easy Steps

Our original video. It covers the entire lefse making process! Still have some questions after watching all our videos? Check out our FAQ page or contact us with your question.