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Lefse Traditions

I was lucky to spend the day with my sweet little nieces, Maile and Kyla, and crank out some amazing lefse!

I have taught many lefse making classes and most of my students have been adults. And us adults, we tend to overthink things and sometimes our lefse doesn’t come out the way we’d like it too. Too think, too thin, misshaped and the like.

Well these girls didn’t overthink anything! They stepped right up the the pastry board and rolled out lefse like they’d been rolling lefse their entire lives. And this was their very first time making lefse…I was so proud! :)

We had quite a bit of fun, managed to get flour most everywhere and filled our bellies. It was a great day to share my tradition with them. Already looking forward to the next time.

PS. The quick lesson for today… keep your mind young, don’t overthink.

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Making lots of memories! Dumoulin Family

Four generations (unfortunately, I’m generation #2 and am the photographer!) making lefse to ship to family in Florida and Indiana. Mia, 5, actually rolled approximately 2/3 of the lefse this year. Ella, 1 month, couldn’t have cared less!

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