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Lefse FAQ’s

Lefse FAQ’s
How far in advance can I make my lefse patties? The day before?

We really recommend that you mix up your dough, scoop out your patties and get right to rolling. I know there are a lot of you out there that when it comes to making lefse, it’s a marathon! You might be cooking up to 20lbs of potatoes and want to get as much done in advance as you can. Patties made a day before tend to “breakdown” overnight. They can get discolored and watery, turning into a rolling nightmare. Now a few hour in advance? No problem, just keep the patties on the chilly side.

Can I substitute half and half for the cream?

Well you can substitute ingredients in your lefse recipe but you won’t get the same lefse your used to getting. Changes to the recipe can really alter how your lefse tastes, the texture,  and how it performs rolling & cooking. So if you are looking to use half & half, you may need to cut back in the amount a just a bit. I don’t think that lefse is bad for you…but maybe you can cut back on all the butter and sugar you eat it with. :)

I’m cooking lefse again next week with my sister. Do I have to wash my pastry cloth?

Nope! You don’ have to wash it. Take your pastry cloth off the board and give it a hearty shake outside. I always suggest outside- you don’t want a flour cloud in the house, there’s already enough flour everywhere! So you can then stretch the cloth back over the board and store somewhere cool and dry until next week. If it’s gonna be longer than that, take your freshly shaken cloth, fold a couple times and place into a zip top bag. Toss it in the freezer until your ready again. Tip! Be sure and pull the cloth out of the bag immediately, there could be a bit of frost in the bag.

I’ve cooked all my lefse! Now, how do I clean my pastry cloth and lefse cozies?

First things first, take your pastry cloth & cozies outside and give them a big ole shake! Shake out as much flour as you can. Then go ahead and toss them in the wash. Our best tip? Be sure to use unscented detergent and no fabric softener or dryer sheets. You could end up with ‘Spring Fresh’ scented lefse! I had to learn that lesson the hard way MANY years ago. :)

How do I prep my corrugated rolling pin for making lefse?

A well prepped rolling pin makes lefse rolling a snap! Take your clean and dry corrugated rolling pin and pack each groove completely with flour. We found that using a tray full of flour and rolling your pin back and forth through the flour is super handy. But be sure to firmly push the flour into each groove. Do this step between each sheet of lefse you roll.

How do I prep my pastry cloth for rolling lefse?

A well prepped pastry cloth will prevent your lefse dough from sticking. Stretch your cloth tightly over the pastry board. Place a couple tablespoons of flour over the cloth. Begin rubbing the flour into the cloth with your hands, use firm pressure and try to push the flour into the cloth. If the flour all goes i