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Rolling pin covers for your lefse rolling pin. Easy to use, just stretch over your favorite rolling pin! Prepping your rolling pin cover is a lot like prepping your pastry cloth, just rub in lots of flour until the cloth is saturated.

You’ll want to prep your rolling pin cover with flour between rolling your lefse rounds to prevent sticking. 100% cotton stretch knit to fit standard rolling pins. Set of 2. Approx 15″ long. Wash with unscented detergent and air dry. Most lefse bakers use the pin covers like disposables because once the dough gets into the cloth it is difficult to launder it out.

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Cotton Rolling Pin Covers

  • Set of 2 covers
  • Approx 15″ long
  • 100% cotton stretch knit
  • Fit standard rolling pins
  • Wash with unscented detergent and air dry

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