How to Make Sandbakkels

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One of my very favorite Scandinavian cookies is the sandbakkel. I have very fond memories of enjoying sandbakkels on the front porch of our very Norwegian family friends. Mom would give everyone haircuts and catch up on the goings on at the farm, while I would nibble on cookies and play. Sweet old Hazel shared her treasured recipe with my mom and that’s the only one we’ve ever used. Why mess with perfection?




Whooops! Did I say perfection? Well there’s bound to be a few cracks along the way. But those cookies that don’t make the cut, are the best cookies for taste testing and quality control!

So go ahead and whip up a batch of goodness! I missed some pictures of the mixing and tin prep but I think you can get that done just fine. I DO use non-stick cooking spray on my tins. There’s the old story that you shouldn’t have to but no one likes cookies stuck in the tin. I like to roll my dough up into little balls, about a heaping teaspoon full. 



Then just start pressing out the dough. For camera purposes you see just one hand working but I use both thumbs and just rotate the tin and keep pressing up to the edges. 


Try to get a nice even thickness throughout the whole cookie. You don’t want a really think bottom to your cookie and edges that are super thin. Translates to overdone edges to get your bottom cooked through.


After pressing out all the tins, place on a cookie sheet. I like 12 to a sheet. Nice even spacing = nice even baking. And into the oven they go. Uff da! Only like 6 more sheets to go. Mom made a double batch…our poor thumbs!


TaDa! Presto! There they are. All golden brown and beautiful in their little ole tins. And sorry, these tins are oldies, like antiques. My mom rescued them out of the garbage when Gram got a little ticked because they weren’t coming out of the tins. :) The new styles are very pretty too though!



To cool, I like to take the tins off the cookie sheet. Here we’ve moved them over to our newspaper covered work area. Why newspaper? Ask your Grandma! HA! Well our recipe uses good old fashioned ingredients like LARD and the newspaper catches any extra. Plus, that’s how Hazel did it.