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  • Cone Roller

    Cone Roller

    Cone Roller for Krumkake

    • $7.99
  • Lefse Mix

    Lefse Mix

    Lefse Mix from Bethany Housewares. In a pinch to make lefse? This could be your solution. All you need is water and a little bit of butter, everything else is there for you. Makes 12 rounds. Net weight 16oz.

    • $5.99
  • Rosette Mix

    Rosette Mix

    Rosette Mix from Bethany Housewares. With this mix at the ready you can have fresh rosettes in a matter of minutes. Directions call for a couple of eggs and some water, everything else is there for you. Mix will make 40 - 3 inch rosettes. YUM!

    • $4.99
  • Krumkake Mix

    Krumkake Mix

    Krumkake Mix from Bethany Housewares. What's the holidays without krumkake? Why struggle with your recipe when you can have delicious krumkake by simply adding a few eggs and some butter. Go ahead try it! Mix makes 40 - 5inch krumkake.

    • $5.99
  • Sandbakkel Mix

    Sandbakkel Mix

    Sandbakkel Mix from Bethany Housewares. In the mood for some cookies? Sandbakkels will hit the spot. Get the ball rolling with this mix. Add some butter, toss in an egg and next thing you know your ready to bake. Mix makes 60 - 2 1/4 inch sandbakkels. Net weight 16.34 oz. Lefse Time has taste tested this mix and found it makes a very tasty cookie. Nice pliable dough to work with, great flavor and a very crisp finished product.

    • $5.99
  • Cookie Mix Set

    Cookie Mix Set

    Set of 3 mixes includes one each of rosette, krumkake and sandbakkel mixes.

    • $15.99
  • Sugar Spoon
    • 9% less

    Sugar Spoon

    Sugar Spoon

    • $5.49
  • Deluxe Cone Roller

    Deluxe Cone Roller

    New larger size Cone Roller for Krumkake

    • $9.95
  • Factory Seconds

    Factory Seconds

    We have received some Factory Seconds from Bethany Housewares, Inc

    All items are new and in working conditon, small blemishes may be on the surface of the grill but thesedo not affect the use of the unit. Rolling pins may have a small divot & the pastry cloth print may be smudged or distorted. 


    Supplies are limited & varies. No Free shipping or additional discounts apply.

    Please call for current items available. 

    608-687-4299 or email 


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