Sandbakkel Tins 2 1/4"

Set of 12 -Sandbakkel Tins 2 1/4"

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Sandbakkels are another favorite Scandinavian cookie and you need the right equipment to make them. This is a great set of 12 tins. These are the most traditional in size, 2 1/4" diameter top, 1 1/4" diameter bottom and 3/4" depth. Visit our recipe section for great recipes to use.

Note: Lefse Time recommends seasoning your sandbakkel tins before their first use. Lightly wipe tins with shortening, heat in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, cool completely and wipe out any excess oil. We also recommend investing in a couple sets for sandbakkel baking. You can have one set in the oven baking, and be pressing another set out while they are baking. Really helps to get a batch done more quickly.

Plated tin construction.

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