Scandinavian Cookware

  • Aebleskiver are so delicious and so easy to make. You will need this essential piece of equipment and a wooden skewer, and you're all set! Cast iron pan will make 7 Danish style pancakes at once.
  • If you haven't tried Almond Cake yet, you're missing out! So simple and so tasty, it will be your new favorite dessert to make for company. The Teflon-coated cake pan is our best-selling almond cake pan. This pan produces a browned and heavier crust than the aluminum pan. The result is a much darker browned color cake that easily releases from the pan We suggest using a light application of non-stick cooking spray with this pan. Almond cake pan with a non-stick finish with a recipe included. 12 inch x 4.5 inches
  • Here it is, the hard to find serving tray for almond cake. Very light and easy to clean. Tray is melamine.
  • Ceramic Rosemaled Almond Cake Serving Tray
  • Cone Roller for Krumkake
  • Set of 3 mixes includes one each of rosette, krumkake and sandbakkel mixes.
  • Heavy-duty, all-metal construction. Easy to make a large assortment of attractive cookies. Powerful all-steel ratchet drive for easy dough pressing. Includes 20 cookie shapes and 4 decorating funnels. Make beautiful spritz cookies just like you remember Grandma having for Christmas gatherings.
  • Danish Waffle Iron also known as the 5 of Hearts Waffle Iron
  • New larger size Cone Roller for Krumkake
  • Electric Krumkake Baker

    A holiday favorite that can be enjoyed plain or filled with whipped cream and chocolate. Automatic electric iron bakes two 5" cripsy wafer thin Krumkakes in 30 seconds. Comes with one cone roller. By Bethany Housewares. Suggestion: Lefse Time recommends purchasing an additional cone roller to keep up with the 2 at a time production.
  • 2 1/4" roller made of heavy aluminum. Cuts a perfect cookie every time.
  • End the search for the iron that makes the Norwegian style Cardamon crackers. Goro Irons work just like the stove-top krumkake bakers. However, goro cookies, or crackers as they are sometimes called, are similar to krumkake yet very different. Visit our Recipes section for a great recipe.
  • Kransekake is a Norwegian ring cake usually enjoyed on special occasions like Christmas or weddings. These non-stick ring forms take the guess work out of piping your own circles. Set of 6 rings each with 3 sections to make the traditional 18 layer cake.