Lefse Grill Replacement Parts

  • Wooden replacement handles for your Bethany Heritage Lefse grill. Set of 2.
  • Replacement leg kit for Bethany Heritage Lefse Grills. Set includes legs, spacers, washers and screws for 3 complete replacements. Unfortunately our precious lefse grills can get banged around sometimes and a leg broke off. Instead of propping it up, go ahead and get the right part. Chances are you'll only need one but then you have back up for next time!
  • The #800 Probe Control that we currently stock will work with the following Bethany Houseware grills: models #730 & #735. Control heats from 100 degrees to 500 degrees. The cord is approx 32" long. This control will not work with the older models 400 or 410 grills. If you find that your grill isn't heating properly, chances are the control is on the fritz! The controls should only be used for an hour to an hour and a half tops. Extended use at such high temperatures will cause the control to fail. If you are planning on an all-day lefse cooking marathon, it's a good idea to have a second control. After an hour, just exchange controls and keep on cooking! (Please be careful and use a hot pad to exchange the controls, that grill is HOT!)