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Lefse Christmas

My mother’s family, of Norwegian descent, has passed down the tradition of baking lefse. My grandmother, mother, uncles and now my sister are the experts upon whom we have depended on for our supply of the good stuff. This year, my daughter’s 16-year-old twin sons (we call them our “Minnesota Twins”) had an unusual request for a teenager’s Christmas gift: lefse-making equipment. They wanted to learn how to make that delicious treat, too.

Well, Julie ordered your lefse kit, and we started our own tradition of baking lefse in my kitchen for our Christmas dinner. Her boys and their cousins donned aprons (I made a colorful chef’s apron for each), and everyone took turns rolling and baking. Even my Polish husband (a/k/a Grandpa Joe) made tender, tasty lefse. It was wonderful! We made two batches, enough for our Christmas dinner and a few leftovers for each family to take home. We look forward to our next lefse gathering and our new tradition of “Lefse Christmas.” Your quality supplies were a big part of our success, along with a good share of beginner’s luck.

Since I love taking pictures, I documented the day and am attaching some to share with you and your staff.
From (Grandma) Jeanne Wirsbinski, (Daughter) Julie Akason, and our family

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Eglinton Lefse Fun

Hello Gwen,
I was in a few weeks ago and purchased some replacement legs for my lefsa grill. You had asked for some pictures of our family getting together and making lefsa. We start them young at in our family. I hope you enjoy them. ~Marie Eglinton

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Getting ready for holidays (my lefse time)!

Here is my finished lefse. It turned out great and I was lucky enough to get a good pic before we ate it all. I made half a batch and it yielded about a dozen. I’ll be making more before the year is done. ;) – Amber Valdepena, Pico Rivera, C

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BMG Lefse Fest

Our BMG LefseFest (BMG referring to our parents) is an annual event around Thanksgiving. We make enough for the holidays. (But it never lasts that long.) We roll and fry the lefse in the morning and everyone else arrives around 2 p.m. Time for merriment and eventually dinner, of which Lefse is a big part on that day. We LOVED the hats!

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