Top Ten Gifts @ Lefse Time

We’ve put together this fantastic list of gifts to make Christmas shopping easier on you! Share your Norwegian heritage with everyone on your list. Something special and unique to give this year!

For the Lefse Newbie: Our #1 Best Seller – LefseTime’s Starter Kit









No. 2: For the Foodie – Scandinavian Jam Basket









No. 3: For the Little Viking – Viking Helmet & Book Set










No. 4: For the Lefse Queen









No. 5: For the Laughs – Ole & Lena Joke Book Set (Books 1 – 6)










No. 6: For the Morning Person – Breakfast Basket









No. 7: For the Lefse Buff










No. 8: For the Baker – Scandinavian Baking Set








No. 9: For the Guy that has Everything – Splendor of Norway Calendar










No. 10: For Christmas Cheer – Tomten Glogg Cups & Mix


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Gluten Free Lefse

We get asked quite often about gluten-free lefse. Do we have a recipe, how to make it, do you substitute, etc. Well to be honest, we haven’t tried it in the Lefse Time kitchen yet. Just a bit too busy turning out our original recipe. We are making the pledge to experiment with it this Spring so that we can answer all your questions. I do want to share with you comments from my dear cousin Amy. They made gluten-free lefse this past Thanksgiving using our Aunt Charlotte’s recipe and gluten-free flour. It was a huge success with just a substitution.

“Just tried your fabulous Lefse recipe – but mixed it up for us that are following a gluten free diet!  We only changed the flour used – from plain to gluten free and we used the rice based one from Costco.  Measurements all stayed the same and did not have to substitute or leave anything else out!  Turned out great!  Mixed the same and rolled the same – the only difference we have to say is that when rolling, the edges were not as smooth as when we used plain flour.  However, taste was the BIG factor – and it was still as Tasty as ever!  We put some in the fridge, never made it to the freezer as we ate it all!  But if frozen, we usually stick a piece of wax paper between to prevent sticking.  This recipe you share is simply the best – we have used it for 5 years now and it never fails!  We always rice the potatoes the night before and store in fridge, and day of, blend the rest of the ingredients in.  Hands down the best recipe!  Thank you for sharing!”

:) We loving hearing such nice things!!

So here is our original recipe:

4 cups riced potatoes
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (Here is where you make the gluten-free flour substitution.)

Follow our 8 Easy Steps found here: Make sure you are substituting gluten-free flour for all your rolling too!

If you give it a go too, please let us know how it turned out

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Prepping your Corrugated Lefse Rolling Pin

Just put up our video on How to Prep Your Corrugated Lefse Rolling Pin on Facebook and thought I had best get it on the site asap too!

So you’ll find we don’t use rolling pin covers. That’s just my preference because to be completely honest – I struggle with them. I have more problems than anything, so go sans rolling pin covers. Just keep all the grooves stuffed with flour between each sheet of lefse and you’ll do great! Sure hope this helps you in the lefse kitchen!!

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A Fresh New Face

Soooo…… How do you like it!?

We’ve spruced up the website again! All the goodies are still there- just fresher! Know what’s even cooler? Now you can browse and SHOP on with your smartphone or tablets better than ever! Hey, we know you’re on the go. We understand. So now,  when the lefse mood strikes, you don’t have to make sure you’re at your desk. How cool is that!?

With the new look we’ve planned a lot of other great new things too. But one thing at a time and don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s posted. Promise!

But for now, let’s celebrate! 10 years old and a fresh new face!

Comment below a fresh new way to enjoy lefse for a chance to win a pair of Got Lefse coffee mugs!



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