Lefse Survey Results

Well folks, the results are in! We had well over 1200 respondents and it appears my family tradition is not the norm. :) We always ate lefse with just plain ole butter. We did have loads of comments on the butter and sugar. And that could be a survey by itself too. Butter and white sugar, butter and brown sugar, or butter and cinnamon sugar. But when it comes right down to it, the best way is however you like it! Just enjoy the tradition….and the delicious lefse. 


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Don’t be caught with your probe down

OMG! Thanksgiving is next week, then Black Friday, then Christmas! Man, did that sneak up on us. That means a lot of us are going to be making lefse for the big meals. Don’t be caught with a grill that’s not working. 

Before your big cooking day, test your grill. Is it heating up all the way? If not, it could be your probe control. Unfortunately those buggers get super hot during those marathon cooking sessions and will burn out. That can make your grill heat unevenly or not all the way up to 500 degress. We’ve got ya covered! We have loads of new replacement controls in stock and ready for immediate shipping. 







While your at it, check the legs to make sure none are broken. And give it a good cleaning before you start too. If you’re an all day cooking team, investing in a second control is a really great idea too. You can switch the controls out on the fly to keep them from overheating. 

Happy Lefse Cooking! 

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