We’ve been doing lefse for quite a while now. I am not going to go so far as saying we are experts but we are pretty darn close!  :-D Over the years we have been asked many, many questions from our customers and lefse lovers across the nation. We’ve actually compiled a very nice list of FAQ’s which we share on our All About Lefse Page. This list covers the top questions we get on the lefse recipe. 

Top 5 Lefse Recipe Questions

  1. Q: What kind of potatoes are the best for making lefse?
    A: Russets!! They are just such a hardy potato and hold up great during the boiling process. So when you go shopping for your potatoes pick up a bag of nice firm russet potatoes that are uniform in size. If you can, choose the Idaho russets.
  2. Q: Why are the edges of my lefse crispy?
    A: Crispy edges are almost always the result of the edges of the lefse being rolled to thin. You want to roll a uniformly thick sheet of lefse, right to the edges. The tip? Pick up your rolling pin when you get to the edge, don’t roll past.
  3. Q: Why is my lefse dough so sticky?
    A: Uff Da! What a pain in the butt sticky lefse dough is! So how’d it happen? The potatoes were over cooked. So when you are boiling your spuds up, you want them cooked until just fork tender. If you poke the potatoes with a fork and they fall apart they are overdone for lefse. A little on the firmer side is always better.
  4. Q: Can I make my lefse patties a day in advance?
    A: Ummm, nope. Patties just start “breaking” down overnight. Not sure if that’s the right word, but they can get watery and discolored. Making a few hours in advance – no problem. Just keep them on the cooler side.
  5. Q: Can I substitute ingredients?
    A: Well you can but that makes a huge impact on flavor, texture, performance and results. It’s lefse people, it’s tradition. Why mess with it? Besides, I don’t think the lefse itself is loaded with calories but I know the butter, sugar, sausages, jellies and all the yummy stuff you put on it is! :)

Stay tuned for our next list of the Top 5 Lefse Equipment Questions.

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Happy Lefse Time!