I would imagine your history with lefse isn’t much different than mine. Your great great great’s, great great’s and long line of Norwegians made lefse and taught all the following generations how to do it. But my long line of Norwegians is now quite a “blended melting pot”. My mostly Norwegian Dad married my mostly French/Italian Mom. And my husband’s ancestry is German/Polish, making my children quite a blend!

But guess what? We all love lefse! So this past weekend I ran over to my in-law’s and taught them how to make lefse. The little ones are always so eager to learn.

And get their hands dirty! My sweet little niece had us in fits of giggles with comments like, “It’s so squishy!”

We were quickly onto the most “scary” part – rolling! I’ve taught a lot of people how to roll and most all of them were so nervous about rolling out the lefse.

It turns out they were just worried it wouldn’t turn into a circle. Well who cares! Because guess what? They all taste delicious whether they are circles or shaped like amoeba’s (that’s my moms favorite shape). Here my sister-in-law rocks it! Start with an oval and work it out. And my other sweet, not-so-little anymore, niece is cooking up a storm.

We turned out a nice double batch of lefse and may have sampled a few during the process. It’s soooo good hot of the grill. 

We hope you are teaching your next generation of lefse lovers the finer points of cooking too! Share the love of lefse and tell us your story. 

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