I frequently hear about the older lefse grills from customers and to be honest I have never had one in my possession, only seen pictures or heard stories. Then one day I stumble on a gem. I am now the proud owner of a Bethany Fellowship Lefse Grill Model 215 and it works!! Ya just can’t beat that!

So in researching I have found that Bethany Fellowship was not a company, it was truly a fellowship founded in 1945 by Ted Hegre in Minneapolis, MN.  It’s now recognized as Bethany College of Missions. As a way of raising funds for their college Bethany has been through several business ventures, one of them being lefse grills back in the day. I found an old advertisement in the Winona Daily News archives from 1968. RD Cone’s Ace Hardware was selling the Bethany Fellowship Lefse Grill: Regular finish $19.95, Teflon $24.95!! Ahhh, to have prices like that again.

I’m still researching, but it is to my understanding the model 215 then went to the model 400/410 Patio Grill and everybody had one of those. My grandfather said he repaired more of those grills than he cares to remember. As he says, “Back then you fixed what you had, you just didn’t toss things out like old news”. Right on Gramps! So now my hunt is onto the model 400. Never know where it might turn up…yard sale, thift store, antique shop, eBay, estate sale. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you! Have you got an oldie but a goodie? Do you have some history to share? Leave us a comment below!