We all know that you need lefse for the holidays, right? It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving or Christmas without lefse. But for my family you HAVE to have lefse for deer camp too! And deer camp kicks off this weekend. The guys bombarded the kitchen and made a mess, BUT they made some pretty awesome lefse too! Some of the highlights…

The youngsters: Dayne, Wade and Tel (ages 12,11,10) rolled amazingly thin and round sheets. (Now one of these days I will think to bring out a camera better than my phone-ugh!)

Here’s Tel’s very first sheet of lefse he has ever rolled! A natural but he comes from a long line of Erickson’s so really we weren’t too surprised. :)

And here is Wade and his first sheet of lefse. His mom is the Lefse Lady so he was feeling pretty confident too!

And here is Dayne and his first sheet. His Mom is the Lefse Lady too and he said he could roll lefse all day long!

The guys were lefse making machines. Here you have Grandpa Mark rolling, even with an injured thumb. You just can’t slow down a stubborn Norwegian! And Ty, the big guy in black, he was a bit camera shy. Very busy concentrating on not burning the lefse. :)

And there you go! The Brush Hollow Legends Deer Hunting crew with their lefse! And the fella in the middle is Bill (he’s Polish!!) but you should see him roll out the lefse. We had to stop him several times because they were gettin’ so big they wouldn’t fit on the grill.

Super Duper lefse by the Trio of hunters
Dayne, Wade,Tel and illustrated by themselves