Submitted by Peyton Griffin

My Lefse Story

My mother-in-law is Norwegian and Swedish and she introduced us to lefse at her Lutheran Church in Pequot Lakes Minnesota. Every July her church has a lefse sale for Pequot Lakes’ Bean Hole Days, during which the town celebrates it’s heritage by burying beans in a large dutch oven named “Big Bertha” and cooking them overnight on the town green (there are actually 5 dutch ovens now that it’s become so popular). I think my husband, children, and I are the most enthusiastic lefse customers every July.

When I asked my son last Nov. what kind of cake he wanted me to make for his birthday, he said he wanted lefse! I had the Our Savior Lutheran church lefse recipe, but it all seemed a little overwhelming to this Irish-German-Welsh-English American gal! Fortunately, I found and their video made lefse-making alot less intimidating. I also wanted a griddle and lefse stick, which I was able to buy from their website.

I’m happy to say that my first attempt was successful — only one lefse fell apart! — and I’ve made lefse several times since then. The kids thought it was so amusing watching me learn how to make lefse that they made a video of the whole process. My husband said that the church ladies seemed like a well-oiled machine compared to me — and not nearly as hilarious.

Oh well, even if I’m a little more rambunctious and my lefse aren’t quite so perfect looking, they taste pretty darn good!