Submitted by Dixie Fox

Our Norwegian heritage is celebrated here in California every summer with a family reunion. We range from 50-175 people each year depending on who is able to come, we have been having these annual reunions for over 30 years.

We decided one year, that we should pass the traditions on to the younger generations, so immediately we bought a new electric Lefse grill and had my grandmother and great aunt give us lessons on how to make Lefse. They continued making and teaching Lefse well into their eighties and nineties! And, if they were to tell you, they only taught in the true Norwegian way! (they were both 100% Norwegian).

We have of course by now gone through many lefse grills and sticks! And we decided we should learn some other types of Norwegian cooking. One year we all submitted recipes to one of the cousins and he made us three volumes of cookbooks!

Since the internet, we have purchased so many cooking utensils from LefseTime! We are now proud owners of Almond Cake pans, Lefse Grills, Krumkake Grills, and Kranskake pans! We set up a special table at each reunion with all of the pans, grills, utensils, we have a designated instructor to teach our youngest Norwegian’s how to make true Norwegian fare! Everyone loves to cook Norwegian style!

So far though, no one is ready to attempt it, so we have passed on Lutefisk making….UFF DA!