Submitted by Megan Hogstad Jamestown, ND

I recently (six months ago) took my first call as a Youth Minister in Central North Dakota. I am also new to the lefse experience. I love to eat it but had never made it. The church I serve makes lefse as a fund raiser for our youth.

We made plans for the Saturday before the Christmas program to make the lefse. I gathered the church recipe and distributed it to any who wanted it and then told everyone when we would meet. I showed up at church that Saturday morning with coffee and donuts for everyone and we started in on the 60 pounds of potatoes everyone had mixed up the night before. We had 7 griddles going at one time and we never blew a fuse. We considered it a minor miracle. In four hours I learned how to mix the potatoes with the right amount of flour. I balled up the potatoes to be rolled out. I am a very good roller and I’m proficient at grilling and turning.

We enjoyed the fruits of our labor by eating the “bad” sheets that were not fit for selling. Sunday morning we counted before we began selling. We had 88 bags of lefse. There were five sheets to a bag. WE SOLD ALL 88 BAGS IN 7 1/2 MINUTES! For the next four weeks our youth and the congregation could not stop talking about how good our lefse turned out. We already have requests for next year! A few weeks later for Christmas I received my first lefse griddle and all the tools to go with. I look forward to trying it out.