Submitted by Kathleen Alme

My 3 sisters & I get together every year a little before Christmas to make lefse. We each bring our own batch of mashed/riced potatoes & then proceed to roll out & fry the whole business – usually ending up with about 25 dozen lefse and lots of flour on ourselves, the floor and everywhere else. We take turns being the ‘rollers’, ‘mixers’ and ‘ballers’ (those who make the right sized balls of dough). We recruit younger family members to be the ‘fryers’ so they can learn the trade. In the early days there were some interesting mistakes. One sister added flour to her potatoes while they were still hot and when we tried to fry her ‘lefse’ the result was oddly crisp – we called it ‘flatsa’, a cross between lefse and flatbread.

We have great fun with the ones that end up funny shaped – “This one looks like Texas!” and have to eat all the ones that are ‘not good enough for company’.
Good times had by all.