A tradition that the Bakke’s are a part of once again. The Bakke “Luvsa” Tradition is carried on from the famous Leo & Alice “Luvsa” making début back in the 1990’s. Leo & Alice Bakke knew all their kids loved lefse, and taught them that a gift of the heart was one of the best gifts someone could give or receive. Alice gave Leo a potato peeler and told him to start peeling potatoes one fall morning. Without too many words said at the task Leo knew it was best to peel until Alice gave another instruction.

The peeling could have lasted for days but the dedicated couplecontinued knowing they had 5 children and each family would enjoy their own batch of lefse. (if not mistaken it is 10# to a batch). The oldest girls would fight over the potatoes while clearing the supper table. It was a must that Alice prepared plenty thus recruiting Leo’s help. That holiday season Leo and Alice handed out the batches of lefse while telling the kids, “Dad and I made “LUVSA” all the kids looked with open mouths and proclaimed “WHAT?, you did What! Mom!… Dad!… NICE!…”

Alice and Leo blushed and tried to explain while the happy sounds of laughter took over the house. Alice gave up trying to explain and handed out the lefse with a smile and blushed cheeks.
Each year after that Alice and Leo invited their children and grandchildren to join them at the Farmhouse the day after Thanksgiving to make lefse together for the holiday season. The tradition was carried on after the loss of Leo. Alice hosted the many fun times until 2010 then one of the granddaughters continues the tradition. The Bakke Holiday would not be the same with out Luvsa!

Allison Bakke Peterson