Submitted by Harriet Johnson Champlin, MNHi, 

I am submitting the following lefse story. As you can see, we have a great time together making lefse!

Every year since 1989 four culturally diverse friends (one Irish, one German, two Scandinavians) have been getting together at a Minnesota resort to make lefse. We tote our lefse grill, supplies and potatoes and spend a couple of days making lefse, relaxing, laughing a lot and eating a lot. This year our German friend wanted to learn how to make Krumkake so we added that to our agenda.

Only the Scandinavians are allowed to mix, roll and bake. The “others” are relegated to ball-rolling, folding, and bagging. We have kept a diary of our good times together. Here is just one example:

H rolled, C wielded the stick, and S & K rolled perfect balls and performed other schlepping duties as directed. Multi-tasking is NOT an option for C & H…unlike S & K who seem to do any and all tasks assigned to them. One of the “other duties as assigned” performed by S & K was to act as the esteemed panel of judges rating every little lefse as it left the grill. When asked if the lefse were perfect, the esteemed panel replied, “Oh Ya!”. Anything that was less than perfect was given to S to consume. One lefse ball fell to the floor – S was directed to eat the discounted floor model. There was a mention made of the lefse grill being multi-purpose…things other than lefse could be grilled. K asked if that wouldn’t desecrate said grill – H commented it would since it is, indeed, the “holy grill.”

We have similar entries for each and every year. As you can see, we have turned our lefse making into an annual friendship event. We can’t wait for next year’s event!!