Submitted by Ann Hupe – Kenai, Alaska

I stumbled across your website. What memories!

My mother’s side of the family is Slovak, however, we eat lefse, too, anytime we can but definitely for Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s.

My most favorite but my last memory of my Aunt Kathy was Easter Week in Toronto, Canada. My husband and I came over early to help with the week as my Uncle Paul was a Lutheran minister at the local seminary. Easter was very busy at their place as they host Good Friday and Easter Sunday for all the seminary students who have no family to go home to.

And did we make lefse! Over five hundred, we counted, for just Good Friday alone.

My cousin Anna Ruth had flown in from Chicago where she and two friends had netted whitebait, a very small fish that resembled tiny anchovies but tasted like ocean perch when quickly deep-fried. That, with the lefse, was a very memorable meal. Our favorite topping was browned butter with or without brown sugar. I liked the browned butter and sour cream. Definitely not for those with weak gallbladders.

Believe it or not, we did consume all five hundred lefse on Good Friday. Saturday was the day we made even more for Easter Sunday.

Now my cousin Janet has the equipment, so I’ll have to get my own as soon as some bills get paid. Thank you for such a wonderful website!