Submitted by LD Bauerly

Hi, I use to make lefse many, many years ago (mid-1950s) with my mother. We would have to cover all the doorways in the house with sheets or close the doors. We had to make them on a gas stove with 2 flat griddles and keep adjusting the flames. When they got too hot, the flour would burn and smoke up the house! My mother never had all the nice equipment to make the lefse. Now I have mastered the making of the lefse and have done so with the grandkids. They have loved lefse since they were old enough to chew. Now the granddaughters are helping me and are doing a great job. We eat the first batch and make the next one for the holiday dinners. We usually start early in November and enjoy all the fun we have making them. I have a lot of the equipment and enjoy the making of lefse as well as eating. We have many members in the family that all eat them in a different way. My husband likes peanut butter on his. Yuk. He is not Norwegian!!!! Kids like cinnamon and sugar. I like sugar and real butter. My folks use to eat them with lutefisk. Yuk.. I am Norwegian but do not like lutefisk. We have many fun times making them. I always remember the first times helping my mother though with the smoke going throughout the house from the burnt flour. I can’t imagine the women in the really olden days making them on cook stoves!!! Wanted to share just a few things with you all.

Thanks for reading.