Submitted by Lise Fleming

Sons of Norway District Six Treasurer LaVonne Kerfoot was going to teach two ‘virgin’ lefse makers (Mary Jo Martinsen and Lise Fleming) how to make lefse from start to finish. We were to meet in the evening on December 22 to prepare the potatoes and then again the next morning to roll and bake the lefse.

Lise had bought a brand new stainless steel, ‘top of the art’ potato ricer plus the entire lefse making implements that she was eager to Christen. Early in the morning Lise’s phone rang, it was LaVonne who said that she was not feeling well so ‘you girls are on your own!’ Sheer terror set in!!!!! How were we going to pull this off without LaVonne there to guide us???

A quick phone call to Mary Jo and we decided to go ahead with the lefse making anyway since we had the recipe and LaVonne was just a phone call away.

We met at 6:00 pm and looked over the recipe, it said to boil the potatoes but we had no clue if they should be peeled before or after the boiling. So here was our first phone call to LaVonne who informed us that we peel the potatoes afterwards because ‘you would not burn your fingers otherwise!’. After boiling the potatoes, peeling them and burning our fingers, we were excited to try out the new shiny potato ricer. In the beginning it was going along fine, we took turns with the ricer. Suddenly it got harder to turn the crank so we took it apart. To our surprise, the brand new ricer had broken. We looked at each other and said, ‘what are we doing now’ since we were only about halfway done ricing the potatoes.

Another phone call to LaVonne. To our relief, she said that she would bundle herself up and bring over her ricer right away. What a pal……. within 10 minutes she dropped off her ricer so we were able to finish up preparing the potatoes. She really saved us!

Mary Jo and Lise met early the next morning to roll out and bake the lefse. The first couple of lefse they rolled out stuck to the board, had odd shapes and burned because the grill was too hot. Another phone call to LaVonne and she gave us tips on what to do.

The flour was flying everywhere, we were a mess but little by little we got the hang of it and pretty soon we felt like pros. The lefse shapes became rounder, they did not stick on to the board and they were baked to perfection. We felt pretty proud of ourselves for mastering the lefse making.

We split the lefse lot 3 ways and we anxiously awaited LaVonne’s verdict on how well we did. She said that we did an excellent job. Not bad for two ‘virgin’ lefse makers!