This is a photo of Dawn Crawford (left) and Roberta Scott (right) who have been friends since college days. We began our annual lefse making get togethers many years ago, as both are from Scandinavian backgrounds. We both live near Boise, Idaho and Dawn’s Mother is in Ohio. Tradition has it we were always trying to duplicate the lefse we grew up with. Each year Dawn sends a batch of our lefse efforts to her Mother. The first few years our lefse was thick, hard or rubbery with black spots! Initially her mother wondered what it was between the layers of wax paper, but eventually it began to look and taste more and more like lefse! We began by using a cast iron skillet and regular rolling pin with whipped (using beaters) potatoes. Boy – have we evolved over the years!! We added the pastry cloth and rolling pin (Roberta is always the roller) and then the lefse sticks. Dawn has always been the one cooking. Dawn gave Roberta a lefse griddle for Christmas and with all the right tools we are now making delectable lefse! The funny part is year before last (photo above) was the year to try out the new lefse griddle. We also borrowed a German-made heavy duty ricer from my friend Carla. I followed a recipe that came with the griddle and riced the potatoes. The dough was just creamy, soft and wonderful!! When Dawn showed up at my home to begin cooking our lefse, she showed up in near matching outfit to Roberta! How funny! We both had on green courderoy pants and black shirts! With ‘dualing lefse sticks’ we present out photograph that represents a wonderful, long friendship with memories of annual lefse get togethers. Wherever we end up living in the future, I will always take my lefse griddle and head to Dawn’s before Christmas to continue this tradition! Last year’s lefse was nearly perfect to our childhood memories. Dawn’s Mother got her annual batch as usual and now recognizes the improvements that actually looks and tastes like real lefse!! The correct tools and years of practice, along with a fond friendship, makes the finest lefse!